Fixed Time Fixed Price Development

The Fixed Time Fixed Price model transforms into a perfect choice when the scope and specifications of the project are reasonably clear. In this model CEC works with their clients to clearly define the requirements and specifications for the project. By carrying out a detailed analysis of the requirements and specifications, CEC lays out a well defined roadmap for deliverables and schedules which are mutually agreed upon. This model assures on-target delivery of projects in a fixed budge.

In any circumstances, if CEC fails to deliver at stipulated time, we absorb the extra cost at our end and in some cases with penalty. This model is very favorable among CEC's client since it work like insurance policy.

We are so confident on our commitment in our quality that we will not ever fault on our estimations. We are conservative while costing and elaborative on details.

In our Fixed Time, Fixed Price model, the client & CEC will enter to in an agreement that covers visual aspects, documentation, application design, testing, support period, change management, communication protocols, milestones, timelines and commercial details. The project is executed as per the agreement. For any changes there is a standard change request procedure that is followed for which we have structured processes in place.


  • Tremendous cost advantage to client: speedy and fixed budget completion for project as the changes during execution are minimal.
  • This model's success depends on the active & mutual cooperation between the client and Computer Engineering Corporation.
  • Limited risk to CEC & Client as the scope, price and timelines are fixed in this model.

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