SharePoint Services

Computer Engineerings Company's Rich Interactive SharePoint Intranet solutions enable you to unleash the full potential of SharePoint for your organization:

  • Increase in Organization Productivity
  • Improved Collaboration through Rich Document Exchange Interface
  • Superior Performance through Integration of Rich Components
  • Compelling User Experiences by leveraging the power of Web 3.0

Computer Engineerings Company team is entirely accredited Microsoft Professionals with a vast experience implementing SharePoint. We pride ourselves on looking at the wider picture and striving to help you make a real success of SharePoint within your organization. Computer Engineerings Company helps customers develop and deploy SharePoint solutions including intranets, portals, collaboration platforms, departmental solutions workflows and custom portals. Our team of SharePoint experts ensures that your SharePoint solution meets your portal and other functional needs while allowing your IT resources to remain focused on your company's core business.

In our SharePoint Center of Excellence (SharePoint CoE) we have created a sandbox for prototypes, testing best practices, useful web parts, and design ideas that ultimately help us bring the best solutions for our customers. Our customers have access to our SharePoint CoE members when Computer Engineerings Company is engaged in building SharePoint solutions for your company.Additionally, we have configured several services for SharePoint ranging from startup and installation to developing and deploying complex SharePoint portals.

Migration to SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 is the business collaboration platform that enables you to connect and empower people through formal and informal business communities, within the enterprise and beyond, and to manage content throughout the information lifecycle.

For IT professionals, SharePoint 2010 offers enhancements to drive productivity, a scalable unified infrastructure, and flexible deployment. You can cut IT costs with SharePoint 2010:

SharePoint 2010 offers many new features such as:

  • Access Services & Visio Services
  • Business Connectivity Services (BCS)
  • Developer Productivity Enhancements
  • SharePoint Designer Enhancements
  • Business Intelligence Enhancements
  • In-Place Records Management
  • Enhancements related to Large List Handling
  • Workflow Improvements
  • Social Networking Capabilities
  • Deployment Advancements

Computer Engineerings Company Services for Migration to SharePoint 2010

Computer Engineerings Company can help you migrate from WSS, SharePoint 2007 to Microsoft SharePoint 2010. We help you:

  • Plan for the upgrade approach for your 2007 installation and servers
  • Re-design and implement security management and infrastructure needs wherever needed
  • Test and validate the upgrade
  • Migrate applications, content and databases
  • Follow all the post upgrade best practices
  • Leverage specific 2010 features for new portals and sites

SharePoint Application Testing

Often Test Managers and Testing Teams get entangled with: Where to Start? What to Test? How to Test? To address these customer-specific needs, we at Computer Engineerings Company devised our own SharePoint Testing approach. Computer Engineerings Company SharePoint testing service offerings come in five customizable flavors:

  • Installation & Build Verification
  • Setup and Access
  • Portal Testing
  • Security and Recovery
  • Usability & User Experience

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