SharePoint Application Development

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) integrates server capabilities to help a business improve its operational efficacy by providing all-inclusive enterprise search and content management, speeding up shared business processes (with process management modules), and facilitating the sharing of information across boundaries to enable improved business acumen. Furthermore, this content management and collaboration server offers organizations the right platform for effective server administration, organizational interoperability, and application extensibility.

MOSS is ideal for hosting websites that need to access shared documents, information stores, and work spaces. Not only does MOSS enable organizations address their complex business integration and collaboration needs, but also helps the developers in bringing in solutions specific to the needs of an organization.

Computer Engineering Corporation is Microsoft Certified Gold partner that offers comprehensive SharePoint solution development for organizations of every scale and size.

Our SharePoint application development services entail assistance throughout the implementation of SharePoint as well as post implementation support encompassing migration and training to the users.

Key benefits of our MOSS solution development:

  • Improved content management - information, data, or documents are easy to manage with the solutions specifically designed to meet the content management need of the organization

  • Interoperability - the information is easy to access thereby enabling people from multiple branches or departments of the organization work towards a common goal irrespective of their physical location

  • Faster Installation, Configuration, and Administration of MOSS and WSS

  • Scalable and extensible solution specific to your business needs

  • Accelerated shared business processes

  • Effective server administration

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