Silverlight and WPF Programming

Microsoft Silverlight and WPF are part of new .NET framework for developing rich and dynamic web applications. The functionalities offered by Silverlight are akin to those offered by Adobe Flash. Enabling integration of multimedia and animations, Silverlight offers high interactivity and improved functionality in a run time environment.

Silverlight is compatible across all web browsers and can be used on Mac OS and MS Windows operating systems.

Enabling Dynamic Web Applications with Desktop effect

Computer Engineering Corporation offers web applications that are rich in graphics, support multimedia features, and offer high interactivity with improved functionality. Our Microsoft Silverlight programming application development service includes:

  • Developing and customizing different web solutions with Microsoft Silverlight
  • RIA (Rich Internet Application) development using WPF and Silverlight
  • Design and deployment of WPF and Silverlight applications
  • Integrating the plug-ins with existing Internet applications
  • Web application development with multimedia features

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